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Zoe, March 31, 1992 - October 27, 2011

Zoe, March 31, 1992 - October 27, 2011

It would be hard to write a family newsletter without at least continuing the tradition of mentioning our beloved furry family members. Sadly, they are no longer with us, except in our hearts, where they will be forever.

Tegan left us last year after being in poor health for several years. We still miss her loud mouth every day and sometimes the silence is the hardest part of all.

Zoe, our first “furbaby,” remained in good health to the end, when she succumbed to a probable stroke. 19 years was a good long life, though, and we will never forget her.

Not having pets after having them for so long has felt weird. So, we’re hoping that by the next time you’re reading our holiday greeting, we’ll have it loaded up with adorable kitten YouTube videos. First things first, we’re planning to change out some carpets and furniture, so we’re hoping to find a pair of lovable littermates in the spring.

Tegan, June 1, 1993 - October 11, 2010

Tegan, June 1, 1993 - October 11, 2010


  1. Dawn Chapdelaine says:

    Oh no, this just breaks my heart. You have been on my facebook page long enough now to know I adore animals. Trish, I do not want to “horn in” on this but, I have MASSIVE connections in the PG/SPCA. If and when you are ready for kittens, let me know, if you want too, and I can hook you up very very fast. By the way, I know this may be a dumb question as A) I have a terrible memory and B) I do not know how long they live anyway but, where the heck is your darling bird??????? Do you remember the party you threw at your home many “moons” ago and I sat next to and somehow lol became friends with your darling parakeet. I guess he is now in bird heaven but, I am so so sorry for all of your losses. I do not remember the other kitty but, Tegan I will never forget, I loved that name. I am so sorry.

  2. Diana says:

    the darling bird is buried in a shoebox in the backyard. he died about 17 years ago

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