Steven, age almost 10

Steven, age almost 10

S’UP Y’ALL!!!! Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Don’t forget to praise the J-man! Hope you see snow so you can have a white Christmas this year. Don’t forget to deck the halls and put up your lights. Once again, have a merry Christmas this year and many more!!!

(Now it’s mom’s turn to write.)

Steven has had a very busy year. He’s in 4th grade at HTS, and is an excellent student. The lowest grade he’s gotten so far is a B+, and of course we’re very proud! Our house is pretty nearly carpeted with legos, and he has expressed an interest in playing the guitar. (For now, though, his favorite guitar is Guitar Hero!)

Steven says one of his highlights of the year was hangin’ with the gang at the movies and Chuck E. Cheese and Skate Zone. He also loves his monthly meetings at Lego Club and playing Minecraft. He loves petting the adoptable kitties at the pet store on Saturdays, and telling long, hysterical tales about even the most mundane details of his day.

Steven in a tree

Steven in a tree


  1. Dawn Chapdelaine says:

    Oh wow am I old. He is so darling but, quite the young man now. Congratulations Trish. He looks like a great kid.

  2. Diane Wiram says:

    congratulations on your good grades Steven! Happy New Year!

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