Diana's Homecoming Dress

Diana's Homecoming Dress

Hey everybody. Diana here. So the last time you heard from me in a Christmas newsletter, I was 13 and in 8th grade at HTS. Well, a lot has happened since then. I am currently a sophomore at BHS, and not just any sophomore, a SUMMIT scholar sophomore. I am 15, soon to be 16, and can’t wait to start driving. So in 9th grade, when I first started at BHS, i didn’t know anybody. But now I have some great friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Even though one of my closest friends is away at college (3 years early) I still make sure i stay in touch with her.

This year is going pretty well so far, and that’s saying something since I’m taking some difficult courses. My classes are English 10, Chemistry, Advanced Band (Wind Ensemble), AP U.S. Government and Politics, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, and French 2. And since some of you are probably wondering, in the band I play flute, but outside of the band, I play piccolo, saxophone, and guitar. Hmmmm…..writing this is harder than I thought…AP Government is surprisingly one of my favorite classes. Even though I don’t always get the best grades on tests, I’m probably learning more in one month than I would in the regular Government classes. Ok, so I feel like I should add some corny joke in here somewhere. Please humor me and laugh. If pro is the opposite of con, then whats the opposite of progress? Hahahahahahaha, I better not be the only one laughing here. So i have recently reclaimed my love for books. Lately, I can’t be seen without my face stuffed in a good book. (by the way, I highly recommend ANYTHING written by Ellen Hopkins). So Merry flippin’ Christmas and Happy freakin’ New Year and all that stuff. Hope to see you all soon.

xoxo Diana

(By the way… the answer to my joke? CONGRESS!)

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  1. Dawn Chapdelaine says:

    Oh Trish really!!! Steven looks just like you and Diana is John all over the face. 🙂 She is gorgeous and what a personality. You are doing such a great job Trish. I am glad one of us (well a few more) were able to make normal lives out of our situations. 🙂

  2. Asiza loves your dress Diana!

  3. Diana says:

    Awwww tell her I said thanks 🙂

  4. carolyn says:

    Well, well, well.

    Diana’s dress and heels are stunning. She is growing up so fast and is soooo cute and oh what personality. Watch out now, congratulations to you and your husband for doing such a wonderful job. It will pay off later so don’t look for he payoff now. Inside parent joke.

  5. Diane Wiram says:

    Love your dress Diana! great picture! Happy flippin’ new Year to you too!

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