Trish and John

Trish and John Enjoy Dinner on a Cruise, November 2011

Trish and John Enjoy Dinner on a Cruise, November 2011

Hi! It’s us, Diana and Steven’s tired and busy parents. You know, when people talk about becoming parents, they talk about how much sleep gets missed once the babies come. Well, nobody said that this parental lack of sleep lasts for 15 years (so far)! We’re betting that if anyone ever actually owned up to this, civilization as we know it would simply cease to exist.

This year, we did something we have never done before. We were presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a Caribbean cruise with “Rick Springfield and Friends.” Now, we appreciate Rick Springfield about as much as anybody who admits to being a teen in the ’80s, but the real reason we went was because Trish’s friend, Beeb Birtles was performing in the 40th anniversary reunion of Zoot while on the cruise. (Rick and Beeb were in Zoot together in the late ’60s.) We’re a little embarrassed to admit that we haven’t been on a vacation alone together since our honeymoon (and that was in 1992, if you’re keeping track!) so there was no way we were going to pass up this opportunity. It was SO much fun, and we’re going to have to be sure not to wait another 19 years before taking another vacation! (Click this link to see a photo gallery from the trip.) It was so relaxing not to have to worry about a thing for five whole days! Sadly, the slightly blurry photo at the left was the only photo we have of the two of us together! Trish has some new photo editing software that’s supposed to be amazing at fixing the blur, but it’s still in a pile of stuff on her desk! That’ll be a project for next year, trying to find the bottom of her desk again.

So another year is winding down (we finally get what it meant when our parents would lament the passage of time at this time of year), and we are hoping for nothing but good things for 2012. By this time next year we’re hoping to have new kittens in the house and our daughter will be driving, so if there’s any sanity left we’ll see you next year!

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Finally, we leave you with some video scenes from John’s Christmas Village that he creates every year under our tree. We wish you Peace this holiday season, and best wishes for 2012.


  1. Dawn Chapdelaine says:

    Hi Trish, not that you need my opinion, 🙂 but I say GOOD for you both. You and John both look great and have not changed that much since I saw you both last. This past year, after forty four years, I found myself my own care giver and basically FORCED my parents out of the house. They only went to “Loray Cavarens” and only for one night but, this taught them that their now forty five year old “baby” LOL could not only make it alone with little help. The house was still standing and all five animals were very much still very much alive. Frankly, I do not know who needed the break more, them from me or I from them.

    I love John’s handywork on the train track. It is nice to know a male that actually LIKES the holidays. Both my parents treat it as if it is some horrnedous punshiment and so much so, I have begun to despise it too, hence the lack of Christmas Cards I have sent out. I hope you and John and Diana and Steven have a wonderful Christmas and all the Blessings God can give to you all in the coming year. Love, Dawn

  2. Diane Wiram says:

    Trish and John,
    I love your letter and the Christmas village is amazing! How fun! was nice seeing you both on Christmas day, and wishing all of you a happy and healthy and prosperous 2012!


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